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Common causes of constipation

Posted on October 22 2012 by Online Herbs

Common causes of constipation

There are countless culprits who lead to constipation in individuals. Through this article known about the causes of constipation and available best of constipation natural remedies.

Constipation is hard, complaining and painful bowel moment. This can happen due to varieties of underlying causes few are listed below:

  • Hypothyroidism: Yes it is surprising to encounter the cause of constipation from underactive thyroid gland. A person with hypothyroidism complains about constipation more often.
  • A heavy diet habits such as eating meat, eggs and cheese and a diet low in fiber is one of the leading causes for constipation in the individuals.
  • Childbirth is one of the causes of constipation in women.
  • Few commonly prescribed medications bring the condition of constipation. They can be painkillers such as narcotics, and medicines such as antacids, Antipsychotics,
  • Iron and calcium supplements.
  • Less water consumption along with disturbed food timings.
  • Overuse of laxatives also leads to constipation in many people.
  • Problem in intestinal and digestive system.
  • Stress and anxiety problems and inactive lifestyle also lead to causes of constipation.
  • Over consumption of black tea, banana and chocolates also lead to constipation, some studies reveals so.

Constipation natural remedies

  1. Drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, eat green leafy vegetables, and improve your diet by adding fiber contents.
  2. Food rich in Probiotic rich such as cheeses, kefir, natural yogurt, naturally fermented nutrients like kimchi, sauerkraut, olives helps in regularizing bowel syndrome.
  3. Take magnesium rich foods such as seeds, nuts and fruits in the diet.
  4. LaxaTea from Himalaya is one of the best constipation natural remedies to avail as it contains natural laxative and boosts the stool moment smoothly without any pain.
  5. Eat fiber containing foods such as legumes such as beans, split-peas, lentils assist in the ease stool passage.
  6. Natural fresh fruits such as pears, apples, grapes, plums, will motivate the movement of digested food down the tract of the digestive system.
  7. Drinking Aloe Vera juice early in the morning and taking hot water will also improve your bowel moment effectively

Take benefit from constipation natural remedies and also buy the product like LaxaTea from Himalaya to resolve the causes of constipation naturally. One can buy LaxaTea from Himalaya, online from most trusted online pharmacy onlineherbs.com and can live life smoothly by avoiding problems related to digestion and bowel syndrome.

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