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Herbal treatment for diabetes

Posted on October 4 2012 by Micheal Bennet in Herbal treatment for diabetes, herbs diabetes, ayurvedic meds for diabetes

What is diabetes and herbal treatment for diabetes

Diabetes is a set of relate conditions where the body is not able to balance the amount of sugar namely, glucose in the blood. There are actually two types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetes is characterized by the body being unable to produce enough insulin or very less amount insulin is being produced. Again Type 2 diabetes is something where the pancreas is still secreting insulin but the body is unable to use it. This makes the the pancreas to produce more and more insulin in order to cope with their higher demands.
A proper diet and exercise helps in a long way to cope up with the disease but along with that, there are herbal treatment for diabetes that help you to get yourself adjust with this dreaded condition. One of the basic herbs for diabetes is the karela or bitter gourd. It acts like bovine insulin. The karela herb helps in balancing the glucose level in the blood as well as the patient’s body. Not only that, it also provides vital nutrients such as iron, potassium, beta-carotene, calcium and vitamin B and C.
Himalaya Karela bitter gourd 60 capsules is one of the most effective herbal products in terms of managing diabetes. It brings about a balance to blood glucose levels and at the same time improves glucose tolerance. It also acts like a blood purifier as well as works similar to insulin in terms of reducing blood sugar.

Himalaya Karela bitter gourd 60 capsules benefits

  • Is a herbal treatment for diabetes,
  • Is very helpful in purifying blood,
  • Antibacterial properties heals wounds in people with diabetes,
  • Is beneficial in chronic cough and asthma,
  • Females with menstrual disorders can use it for their benefit,
  • Also removes worm infestations.
In terms of proper dose, the Himalaya Karela bitter gourd 60 capsules should be taken as prescribed by an Ayurvedic practitioner. Avoid taking the capsules on your own.

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Herbal treatment for diabetes
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