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Herbolax capsules- immediate constipation relief

Posted on October 18 2012 by Online Herbs in Immediate constipation relief, Herbolax Capsules, herbal remedy, chronic constipation

Herbolax capsules- immediate constipation relief

Herbolax Capsules- Immediate Constipation Relief

Are you suffering from constipation? And searching for constipation relief? Then you are at right place. Here in this blog you will come to know about an herbal remedy for immediate constipation relief. Yes, this herbal product will provide you relief from your chronic and painful constipation. The tremendous product is Herbolax capsules introduced by Himalaya Herbals.

Herbolax capsules are the most effective natural remedy to pacify bowel moment, improves digestion and treating infrequent constipation. Since it is herbal its regular use is also safe. It is suggested to be used in case of chronic constipation, pre-radiographic stomach preparation along with for the pain and discomfort related to constipation.

I am saying all this on the basis of my personal experience. Actually I was among those who suffers from bowl movement every third day but after using Herbolax capsules, I got immediate constipation relief. With this herbal product I also used to try some simple home remedies. Which I am going to share with you.

These are
  • Apples- yes apples are helping in keeping constipation at bay. They contain both soluble and insoluble fiber.
  • Brown rice- Its roughage draws the plenty amount of water in order to make stool wetter and heavier so that it moves easily or quickly from your body.
  • Water- Water is the best home remedies for immediate constipation relief. It is the main component for vigorous bowel movements. Therefore drinking sufficient amount of water is important for the body.
  • Honey-The sugar in honey can arouse bacteria in the bowels causing it to pull water and helps in curing the constipation. The pleasure will also boost your spirits.
  • Milk- Drink full glass milk before going to bed. In the case of worrying about constipation include three teaspoons castor Oils in the milk.
If you also try these home remedies immediate constipation relief along with Herbolax capsules, you will get rid of your constipation for sure.
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