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Natural Herbal Hair Care Tips for Shiny and Strong Hair

Posted on September 13 2012 by Micheal in Natural Herbal care, Natural Herbal Products, Himalaya herbal product

Natural Herbal Hair Care Tips for Shiny and Strong Hair

Being a woman we all put all our extra efforts to flaunt our beauty, this article will enlighten you regarding natural herbal care and available herbal products to enhance the strength and shine of hair.

Despite our all efforts throughout the year in nourishing, washing, caring and styling of our hair also known as tresses, many of women are facing the issue of hair fall, rough hair, and more. Though many of us are aware of numbers of home and natural remedies we ignore them most of the time, but here we are presenting before you best of expert recommended home remedies to trust on.

Take a look at home remedies for shiny hair

Natural Herbal Products:

Take a fresh start in finding out best of products which are rich in natural ingredients, like Aloe Vera extract, protein containing shampoos, which will help in making your hair lustrous without the harmful side effects of chemical ingredients. Products which are full of moisture and essential oils are essential.

Protein Conditioner Repair & Regeneration from Himalaya is working and raising eyebrows of customers now day.

Among all the popular remedies for hair care, messaging hairs with essential oils once a week will add beauty to your hair. Apply Aloe Vera extracts on the hair and wash it off and see the shiny results.

Straightening, coloring, and perming create a lot of strain on the hair, and leave you with spoiled and damaged tresses. Himalaya herbal product, Damaged Hair Herbal Conditioner also getting popular among the women because of its shining and smoothing benefits. Also avoid regular ironing and blow drying your hair as it can remove natural oil from your hair.

Natural Herbal care

  • Herbal care with home remedies is the deadly combination which helps in adding charm and great shine to your hair. Apply hot oil message to the hair and wrap them with hot towel this will enhance the texture of your hair.

  • One more home remedy involves, mask of egg white, along with lime and papaya extract on your hair leave it for half an hour and wash it off.

  • Also make a habit of trimming your hair on a regular basis which help in removing slit ends and will improve the texture of your hair.

  • Vinegar act as a great home remedy for shinning your hair, just apply vinegar to your hair and rinse it after a few minutes.

  • Herbs which are good for hair:

  • Birch: Treats scalp

  • Burdock: treats itchy scalp, dandruff, combat hair loss, and increases shine of hair.

  • Chamomile: works as a natural conditioner on tresses.

  • Licorice: Used for preventing hair loss.

  • Marigold: Can be used as a moisturizer for hair also improves texture of hair.

Use above natural and healthy tips for shiny and easy hair and enjoy the result.

Balance diet for healthy hair

Diet plays a vital role in improving quality of hair food rich in vitamin, calcium and iron may help in preventing hair fall, for that diet complete with essential nutrients is must• Include these essential elements in your daily diet: salmon, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-12 and iron.

  • Dark Green Vegetables: Spinach, broccoli and Swiss chard, are a good source of vitamins A and C, which are required by the body to produce sebum.

  • Eat beans believe me they are strictly required by the body, Legumes such as kidney beans and lentils should be an important part of your hair-care diet.

  • Care your hair and add prettiness to your outer appearance and enjoy the confidence they will add to your personality.

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