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Top natural remedies for diabetes

Posted on October 4 2012 by Micheal Bennet in Natural remedies for diabetes, best herbs for diabetes, ayurvedic herbs for diabetes treatment

Diabetes and the gymnema herb

Diabetes or diabetes mellitus come under a group of metabolic diseases that can occur in a person with high blood sugar. This can happen either due to insufficient production of insulin or because the cells in the human body are not being able to respond to the insulin that is being produced. High blood sugar can give rise to symptoms such as polyuria i.e. frequent urination or polydipsia i.e. increased thirst and even polyphagia i.e. increased hunger.
Gymnema (gymnema sylvestre) is one of the best Ayurvedic herbs for diabetes treatment and is known for its ability to minimize blood sugar levels. This, of course is the goal of every drug meant for diabetes. Some of the benefits of gymnema as one of the best herbs for diabetes are given here;
  • Decreases fat in tissues,
  • Lowers blood fat levels as well as lowers serum lipid,
  • Can effectively increase the protein content in tissues that are found to be overloaded with fat.
  • Can increase the activity of enzymes that found to be involved with the metabolism of sugar and at the same time increase glycogen synthesis.
In a more general way we can understand that gymnema helps in to induce increased release of insulin from the pancreas and at the same time lower blood sugar levels and minimize lipids in both the blood and the tissues.

Gymnema Savesta: one of the most effective natural remedies for diabetes

Gymnema Savesta is also known as Gymenema Sylestre. The name “gumar” from which gymnema is derived from literally means “sugar destroyer” which considered to be the primary function of gymnema. In earlier times, practitioners of Ayurveda believed that chewing gymnema leaves will prevent the tongue’s ability to appreciate sweet food. It also suppresses absorption of glucose from the intestine and this process helps in controlling blood sugar levels.
It should be noted that Gymnema Savesta is not meant for use in people with low blood sugar nor it should be used by expecting women. As for women who are lactating, they should approach a health professional in terms of usage of the product.

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Top natural remedies for diabetes
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